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For only $125 a year, your bio will be sent to the media, especially radio hosts. The fee includes a subscription to Book Promotion Newsletter, an ezine for authors of all genres, published every other Wednesday since March 2003. http://www.bookpromotionnewsletter.com

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from clients:

"The money you request is some of the 'best-spent' I put out each year in my business. You have brought me a LOT of appearance opportunities, and are very attentive. You are also tremendously responsive, which I appreciate. Keep on keeping on!"

Ilene Dillon, "the emotional pro" and host of Full Power Living on http://www.emotionalpro.com,


"Working with Fran has been a very good experience for me. She is easy to work with and she knows what she is doing. Her newsletter is worth reading and most important of all she has consistently booked me on talk shows...many of which have call-in. I have been on over 30 shows varying from self-help to spiritual themes. The hosts have all been prepared and I enjoyed the interviews. The experience has helped me in many ways and has been an excellent source of exposure. There have been times when I didn't think many listeners were tuned in -- and then several months later -- people found me. Just make sure that your web/email info is included in your contact info at the beginning and towards the end of the show."

Melissa Zollo , imagist and motivational speaker
h ttp://www.presentmemory.com


"You are the hardest working publicist in the biz."
The "Unstoppable" Frankie Picasso, host of Mission Unstoppable and Frankie & Johnny Music Hour



"I have shelled out a lot of money over the last four years which amounted to zip. And here you are, charging very litte, with a great return. I've sold in books many times over my little investment with you. Nearly every time I'm on a radio show, I sell a book or two. You are pro-active and that makes you a cut-above."

Gerri Helms, author of Trust God and Buy Broccoli ( Femme Osage Publishing 2007).



"Your $100 fee was the best $100 I've spent on promotion. " Anjuelle Floyd , host of Book Talk, Creativity and Family Matters



"I am so grateful to have you in my life - you are by far the best advertising investment I have ever made!
I recommend you to anyone who wants a boost for their book, website, blog, or expert status."
Michelle Avanti, author of GreeHee The Journey of Five (GreeHee Publishing 2006).


from hosts:

" I just wanted to thank you again for all the great guests you have steered the Czar's way...and for being such a big help and positive force for our show." Paul Bruno, host of Career Czar on All Talk Radio

I want to thank you again for introducing me to your authors, Judith & Jim, Lorraine Edey, and Frankie Picasso. They have been delightful and exceptional guests on my weekly program . H. Les Brown, host of Midlife Matters http://www.blogtalkradio.com/search/midlife-matters/

"I don't know what I did to deserve crossing paths with you but you are a godsend!" Rodney Mathers, host of
Journey of Hope

" Your newsletter is really terrific. You can quote me too! "

Scott Lorenz, President, Westwind Communications