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Geraldine Jensen, host of Families Online, is promoting the Parenting ebook.

James Smith, host of Covert Prepper, is promoting the Parenting ebook. - right side, scroll down

Anthony Puleo, host of Monday Madness and other shows, is promoting the New Age, Entertainment and Sports ebooks:

JT and Kuveikis, hosts of The Sports Sound Off, are promoting the Sports ebook :

DC Storm (DCS), host of the Mind of DCS, is promoting the New Age ebook.

Janet Roper, host of Talk2theAnimals, is promoting the Animals ebook:

Jill Robinson, host of Communication Connection, is promoting both the Relationships and Health ebooks:

Karlene Cameron, host of Look Forward to Mondays, is promoting the Self-Help ebook:

Adrienna Turner, host of the Adrienna Turner Show, is promoting the Authors ebook:

Christa Coir, host of CJC Music Radio, is promoting the Entertainment ebook :

Anthony Ford, host of The Anthony Ford Broadcast, is promoting the Politics ebook .

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