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The Environment ebook (37 shows at $12)
covers green lifestyles, sustainable communities, conservation,
cleaner energy, natural healing and medical remedies, environmental
news, non-toxic living, wildlife, activism.

The Author's Ebook (63 shows at $12) covers writing, editing, publishing, marketing, literary agents, Christian authors, author spotlights; genres include thrillers, suspense, action/adventures, novels, teen/YA, romance, poetry, science, historical, baseball, screenplays, songwriting.

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David Trudrung, host of Monkey Minds on

Paul Bruno, host of Career Czar on

Sharon Sayler, host of Master Your Message (formerly Beyond Lip Service) at
Joe Carroccio, host of The Law of Distraction and Interruption on

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The Promise of Tomorrow, with host Colonel Mason
KMNY 1360 am, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX 

The Men and Women ebook
(67 shows for $15). Covers
chick lit books, female and
Christian entrepreneurs, fun for women
over 40, men's comedy, girl's math
and science, women empowerment,
life makeovers, interesting women,
women's health, parenting,
women's ministries and spirituality,
women in business, medicine,
politics, and gay, lesbian and
transgender issues. To view a sample.
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The Sports ebook (98 shows
for $20. Covers wrestling, biking,
gaming, fantasy sports, golf,
fitness/health, football, baseball,
and performance.

Angels Helping To Promote the

Fred Haney, host of My Doggie Says, on KFNX, Phoenix,
Arizona, put the information about the animal ebook on his site:

Barb Adams, host of Amerika Now on Genesis Communications Newwork, has put the conspiracy shows from the New Age ebook on her site. Click "Related Shows" and if text is missing, click the >>

Diane Brandon, host of Naturally Vibrant Living, put the green living shows from the Environment and Health ebooks on her blog:

Nico de Haan, host of Living a Primal Lifestye, in the Health ebook, put a link to my website on his site:

Julie Seibert, host of Reawaken Your Brilliance, put the Mind-Body-Spirit shows from the New Age and Health ebooks on her site (scroll down to bottom under heading: “Looking for other similar, uplifting radio shows.”)

Linda Allen, host of Beyond the Veil, and Julie McAllister, host of Empower Hour, have put the psychic/metaphysical shows from the
New Age ebook on their sites.

Nico de Haan, host of Living a Primal Lifestye, from the Health ebook put a link to my website on his site:

Joan Jacobs, former host of the Light Within radio show, put the cover image of the Health ebook on her site;

Linda Salvin, host of the Dr. Linda Salvin Show, has placed
the cover image of The New Age ebook on her site:

Angela Levesque, host of On Health & Healing, has placed the
healing shows from the Health and New Age ebooks on her website:

Tami Urbanek, host of Journey for Truth on Web Talk Radio,
has placed the healing shows from the Health and New Age ebooks
on her website:

and Suzanne Lubkowski, host of Empowering Serenity on Blog
Talk Radio, has done the same on her blog:

Mystic Dyan Garris is promoting my New Age book on her site. Look for "The Best New Age Programs" and click the link:

Dr. Kvitko, host of Speaking with Dr. Kvitvo on WSNY, Columbus, Ohio, is promoting the Health ebook on his site. Scroll down on right side.

Jason Dowd, host of the World of Art, is promoting the Entertainment ebook. It’s up at on the right hand side with the advertisements. Scroll down to the cover image.

Heidi Kinaschuk has posted the investment/real estate/on-line
marketing/female entrepreneur shows from the Business ebook
on her website:

Raymond Klesc posts authors' press releases on his site for free. Here is mine:

Krystalya Marie, host of Energy Healing for Body, Mind & Spirit, recommended my ebooks to all the hosts on SQR.FM

Angela Kaelin posted my release about the Science and Technology Ebook on her website, in her newsletter and on her Facebook and Twitter pages. 

Gloria McMillan is posting a few words about my ebooks on Cynthia Rowland's Facebook and Twitter pages. Cynthia is host of The Ageless Sisters and Gloria is her rep.

Jerry Hart, host of Smart Green Travel, is planning on "a show that fits well with your topic, value and mission. You have a tremendous resource and I want to plug it into the appropriate show so it is congruent."

Brandy Stark, host of Paranormal Pets, is announcing the Animal Ebook on her show, sending my release to her producer, and posting it to various sites.

Dianna Lambert included a blurb about my Business Ebook on her June 2010 webpage newsletter, Online Virtual Office Solutions and her other sites: at,

Deneen Wilson included a blurb about my ebooks in her Typing Bug Gazette, First Anniversary Issue (June 2010).

Jill Hart, host of The CWAHM Network radio show,                     wrote a short review of the Business ebook and placed it on her website. Scroll down to the review section.

Karyn Dolan, host of Through the Keyhole, has promoted the Paranormal Ebook on her website:

Coach Gregory Anne Cox placed my release and more on her blog on April 14, 2010.

Sal Ferlazzo, of the Albany, NY law firm Girvin & Ferlazzo, whose radio show Girvin and Ferlazzo Law Show, hosted by Jay Girvin, is in the Business Ebook, announced its inclusion under
"News" on the firm's website,

Nadia Chaal placed my release in the March 7, 2010 issue of Infopreneur Magazine.

Blanca Ciotoiu, editor of Better Skin Newsletter, has incorporated a shorter version of my Health ebook release in the March 2010 issue.

Tyler Stample, eMarketing Newsletter, has posted my Business ebook release as a blog post on Internet Marketing News on March 17, 2010.

Peter Shepherd, publisher of the Cultivate Life newsletter, printed
my release about the ebooks in his December 22, 2009 issue. 

Dr. David Gruder, host of Integrity Talk Radio, tweaked my release a bit and put it on his blog, at on 12/29/09.

Eileen Lichtenstein, host of The Balance & Power Network, will
mention the ebooks in her January,2010 newsletter.

Nat  Couropmitree, host of Prosperty Lighthouse, is putting my release in his newsletter.

Anna Johnson, editor of Kikabink News, printed my release in early January 2010

Peggy Titus-Hall, host of Career Coach, will make mention in her newsletter.

Melody Burns, host of Women In, is writing something about the ebook and putting it on her Facebook and Twitter pages.

Robin Marvel, host of  Living Out Loud,  is putting my release in her next newsletter.

Kate Sanner, host of A Jumping-Off Point, is going to include all or part of my release in her monthly newsletter.

Dayna Winters, host of ISIS Paranormal Radio, is posting my release on her MySpace blog.

Natasha Abudarham, host of Europe's Secret to Success, incorporated all the descriptions of the ebooks in a mass email.

Ann Musico, a independent nutritional consultant and a Certified Biblical Health Coach, is putting part of my release about my Health ebook in her newsletter, Three Dimensional Vitality.

Bruce Elkin put my release in his Simply Success newsletter dated February 16, 2010.

The Relationships ebook (72 shows for $15) features
dating, relationship strategies, weddings, marriage, divorce. To view a
sample, please click

The Business ebook (275 shows
for $25).Covers workplace issues,
innovation, entrepreneurship, business
strategies, careers, finance, small
business, sales, home-based
businesses, investments, insurance,
money management and real estate.
To view a sample,
please click:

The New Age ebook (215 shows
for $25). Covers astrology,
metaphysics, Tarot, Angels,
psychic development, paranormal,
parapsychology, holistic health,
healing, mysticism, occult, mediums. 
To view a sample, please click:

The Entertainment ebook (176 shows for $20).
Covers art, arts & crafts, acting, fashion, movies, music,
comedy, TV, advertising, wine, food, travel.

The Politics ebook (214 shows for $25). Covers conservative, liberal, and Libertarian politics, current events, Constitution, pop culture, law, worldview, Tea Party movement, the military, criminal justice, religion, immigration issues.
The Health ebook (177shows for $20). Covers healthy living and lifestyles, fitness, health as a business advantage, healthcare leadership, natural healing, alternative medicine, medical travel, issues, education and treatment, addictions, abuse, drugs, nutrition, weight loss, deafness, disabilities and overcoming adversities.

The Parenting ebook (64 shows for $12).
Covers parenting issues and pressures, education,
security and safety, family life, parenting parents,
health, home-school, child development, schooling,
charter schools, mom entrepreneurship, homebirth,
adoption, marriage,  military moms, single mothers,
gay moms and youth, childhood cancer, learning
as an adult, money management.
The Food & Travel ebook (64 shows for $12) covers
grilling and barbequing, wines and spirits, tea, chefs and recipes and raw
food, parties, kosher cooking, special event planning; all kinds of travel: budget, frequent, upscale, good deals, cruises, scuba diving, medical and health tourism and volunteerism in global humanitarianism.  To view a sample, please click:
The Animal ebook (43 shows for $12). Covers animal advocacy, health, care, competition, communication, behavior, longevity, dog relationships, pets and the paranormal, pet peeves, wildlife, training, shelter and rescue.

All the ebooks are designed for potential radio guests and include title of show, name of host, theme, where aired, guest criteria, email, website, phone (optional), and best method of contact.

The Science and Technology ebook (52 shows for $12). Covers hardware, software, wireless communication, clean energy technology, nanotechnology, engineering, film and video production, biology, astronomy, geology, robotics, physics, outer space.

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