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Talk Radio Wants You -
An Intimate Guide - Published April 2009
Winner in the National "Best Books 2009" Awards Business: Reference category!!

Changes in Book since Publication


The Book Guys with Mike Cuthbert and Allan Stypeck, a syndicated show, has ceased production.

Gail Cohn, host of Book Talk , has a new email:

The new email for Lillian Cauldwell, host of Author's Voice, is

The Midnight Bookworm with Vin Smith is no longer on KCAA. The show is now on US Web Talk Radio

Business Support



David Wolf, host of Small Biz America Radio,
has changed his email to


Sound Investing with Paul Merriman has a new email:


Holder Tonght with Peter Anthony Holder, has been discontinued by CJAD, Montreal, Canada.

The correct website for the Jim Cates Show is

Food and Wine

Judy Gilliard, host of Judy a la Carte, has changed stations from KFAB to KFOR.


Ken Six, the host of Arbor Talk ,, has passed away. His co-host, Peter Felix, can be reached at


The correct email address for Diane Brandon, host of Vibrant Living , is

The correct email address for Dave Depew, host of Fitness and Nutrition Radio , is


The Captain's America , hosted by Matt Bruce , is now on WSRQ AM in Sarasota, FL, as well as on the Internet. Matt has also changed his email to Also July 20, 2009, he became the new host of the "Suncoast Morning News," a morning Newszine Show for all of the Suncoast heard on AM 1220 WSRQ Radio weekday's from 6 to 9 AM ET.

New Age

L enny Feldsott , host of Conversations from Beyond, no longer has guests on his show except his friend.

Mike Quinsey, host of Connecting the Light , has changed his email to

Jeanne White , host of Connect, has moved her show from WATD to Dreamvisions7RadioNetwork. The show will also air every second Saturday, 11-noon (ET), on WBNW.

Jennifer Longmore is discontining her show, Soul Journeys Live. Her correct email is

Spiritual Hollywood with Kate Romero is on hiatus.

Mark Patterson has moved his show, Dynamic Transformations, from Blog Talk Radio to Talk Shoe.


Dark Matters Radio is back on the air, on CyberstationUSA, Boston, Mass. and is going into syndication.

Portal Paranormal Talk Radio Show is closing down after almost two years on the air. Co-host Tuesday Miles says there will be another show with a different title and that one of the co-hosts will be changed .


The correct email for Chuck Morse , host of The Chuck Morse Show , is

Real Estate

Charles Earp is gone from The Real Estate Guys and Corey Smith remains the contact, at


The correct email address for Jim Brown, host of The Jim Brown Show , is


Deborah Beauvais , host of Love by Intuition Show, is no longer on WARL, Rhode Island. Please see Angels above.


The new email address for Pastor Tim , host of The Gospel of the Kingdom, is


The correct email address for Lillian Brummet, host of Conscious Discussions, is

If you try to reach Howard Spiva, host of Never Settle for Less, at and it bounces, his other email is

The correct email for Bonnie Coleen , host of Seeing Beyond , is

The Iris Fanning Show is now on Blog Talk Radio

The correct email address for Joseph Price , host of Reaching Peak Show, is


Frankie Maniscalco, host of Sports from Frankie's Point of View, has a new email:


Computer Corner has changed radio stations. It is now aired at WCHE.


Carol Lee Espy is no longer hosting The Life Lounge at KDKA but is doing some TV at the station. Should you wish to reach her, Carol's email is


The correct email address for Vanecia Wills-Leufroy , host of A Woman's Spirit, is

"I love it, I love it, I love it! Good job!"

Your Santa Fe fan,

Cherie Hughes
Author Representative
Blessingway Authors' Services
134 East Lupita Road
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Lou Schwartz, president of the American Sportscasters Association, calls the book both novel and fascinating.

"It's an interesting tool for writers who understand that marketing is more than half the battle when you have a book to sell, no matter who published your work, what it's about or what your sales numbers look like right now." Maryan Pelland

" If you are interested in listening to talk radio or being a guest on a show this book is essential. This work is suitable for general reference collections and should prove to be a popular reading title as well."
Ralph Lee Scott, American Reference Books Annual , July 2009

Book Reviews

"Imagine being able to sit down with a coffee and discuss with hundreds of radio hosts what their shows are about and what kind of guests they d like to book. You can do just that with Francine Silverman s new book Talk Radio Wants You: An Intimate Guide to 700 Shows and How to Get Invited. I have paid $300 or more for talkradio show databases that had far less information than Francine presents in her highly-competivitely priced book.....I would expect most people can find a dozen hot prospects for making their pitch in under half-an-hour, that is if you can stop yourself from endlessly browsing the fascinating entries! .....
I can t recommend this book strongly enough for any author who wants to get into this high-profile, low-cost method of marketing.

Authors Access

"I am in awe with the craftmanship of your intense heart felt work. The editing of each, the time so preciously spent. I can't put the book down ."
Cathy "Tassy Hill" Cook , host of Brightlights Pathfinders on BBS Radio.

"You have done such a phenomenal job, putting all the information together. You've gone the extra mile." Donna Seebo, host of The Donna Seebo Show on BBS Radio.

"This is a substantial book (7" by 10" and 315 pages) and it has a hefty price ($75) but, if you have a book to promote, this book could be the difference between weak sales and tremendous sales."
Patricia Fry , president of SPAWN (Small Publishers, Artists and Writers Network)
"Most talk show guests are authors -- with good reason. Authors have done recent research, focused on their readership and have targeted their message.

Talk show hosts want to interview the AUTHORity.

Talk Radio Wants You shows how to match your subject to more than 700 talk shows."

Dan Poynter , The Self-Publishing Manual.

"Got your book. Terrific job! Thanks for compiling all this information. Especially the "Top 100 Talk Show" appendices. Your book will be of great use to me." Matthew Stein, author of When Technology Fails (Revised & Expanded): A Manual for Self-Reliance, Sustainability, and Surviving the Long Emergency (Chelsea Green Publishing 2008),

Francine Silverman , author, talk radio advocate, publicist, radio host, public speaker
"Big thanks for your book and your very kind note. Just came in the mail today. I deeply appreciate it. You book looks awesome and I also thank you for that excellent write-up about the expat show and myself." Tai Aguirre, host of The Expat Show


I have been invited on the following shows since the publication of my book:

Strait Talks with James Strait on WIFI 1460, Burlington, N.J.

Truth from the Source with Dr. Ann West on KKCR and KAQA, Kauai and aired throughout Hawaii.

ThinkBIG Radio

Midnight Bookworm with Vin Smith

Mystick Journey Radio Show with Mona Magick

Women Are Talking with Peter Murphy

Calling All Authors with Valerie Connelly

The Donna Seebo Show

Aging Outside the Box with Shirley Mitchell

Career Engineers Radio Broadcast with Francina Harrison

Goddess Radio with Vin Smith

Meet the Author with Harry L. Rinker on WXCI, Danbury, Conn.

Bulldog and the Rude Awakening Show on WOCM-FM, Ocean City, MD

The Dr. Anne Marie Evers Show

Brightlights Pathfinders with Tassy Hill

Beyond Lip Service with Sharon Sayler


Scott Lorenz, a marketing expert and book publicist whose article, "33 Interview Tips," is in the book, tweaked my press release and sent it out. The next day it appeared on

Judith (Sherven) and Jim (Sniechowski) are promoting both my newsletter and my book in their newsletter.

Yvonne Perry, host of Writers in the Sky, has included the Authors Access review (see right) in her June 2009 newsletter and the review of my book by Patricia Fry (see right) in the July 2009 issue.

Lillian Brummet , host of Conscious Discussions, has included a blurb about the book in two issues of her newsletter, Brummet's Monthly, on her blog,, and her Myspace blog,, and will mention the book on her radio show.

See Self-Help under Changes below for Lillian's correct email address.

Valerie Connelly , publisher of Nightengale Press, sent the Authors Accress review (to the right) to all her authors with the note "I keep reminding you that getting on radio shows to talk about your book is the single best way to reach audiences far and wide without leaving home. Here is a review about the definitive book which provides you all the contact information for more shows than you can possibly reach."

William Constantine , host of Divine Awakening, put the cover image of the book and a link on his website,

Georgiann , host of Breaking Through , plans to put the graphic of the book on her website, mentioned the book on her show and in her newsletter.

James Lowe, host of the The Jiggy Jaguar Show , is running my audio ad on his show and has invited me as a guest on his show.

Pat Montgomery, host of Parents Rule!, posted a blurb about the book on her website,
Click "News."

Donald Newsom, president and chairman of BBS Network, put the cover of my book on the main page of, with the words "A Must Have!"

Francoise Rhodes, host of Traveling with Francoise,

Betty Jo Tucker wrote a nice few paragraphs about the book on her Memosaic blog at

Larry Shannon put a blurb and the cover image of the book on his website, RDN Central, on April 21, 2009.

Arlene Uslander has written to my publisher for a copy of my book so that she can write a review for the National Federation of Press Women and her Arizona chapter, Arizona Press Women, and recommend it to
other writers' groups. She is also giving an "Author's Talk" at a public library in Sonora early in September, and would like to be able to show the book, both to her audience and to the head librarian. Also, she will be attending the NFPW's conference in San Antonio in September and wants to show the book to the members, who will be coming from all over the U.S.
Arlene and Brenda Warneka are authors of The Simple Touch of Fate (iUniverse 2003)
h ttp://

Deborah J. Beauvais has put my book cover on the Logos page on her website, and is sharing the news of the book's release on her radio show.

Deborah is host of Love By Intuition Show, part of the Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network, aired live at WBNW1120Boston,WPLM1390 and WESO970.

Cindy Marinangel, host of Your Dream Wedding on, has linked this book site to her website.

Kim Bloomer is announcing the release on her website and in her newsletter. She and I have been swapping audios for our respective radio shows and she is making a new one now that the book is out. When Raven Blair Davis , host of Woman Power Talk Radio , asked me for a commercial to run on her WARL AM show, I sent a copy to Kim who quickly responded by attaching the audio in Kim's email.

Kim is host of Animal Talk Naturally on naturally

Allie Cheslick - Put the cover of my book on her website months before it was published. Allie is host of Wings of Love on

"I LOVE the book!!!! I can t wait to really dig in and see if I can t network my way into some other shows. Thank you again for including me I m super excited!"
Cindy Marinangel , host of Your Dream Wedding

"Received my copy of your book Saturday - fabulous! What a great resource, and I'm honored to be in it." Celeste Terry , host of Demystifying Non-Profits on Global Talk Radio.

" Talk Radio Wants You is a fact-filled adventure into an area most know little about..."I encourage people to use radio as their voice for promoting books, businesses and services," Silverman urges. "After all, it's free and easy." It's possible her comprehensive volume may be the easiest way yet to make the proper connections." Jim Cox, Chattanooga Airwaves , July 2009
"I want to thank you for writing the book on talk radio...You did a lot of research for this, and I, for one, appreciate it very much. Kudos, dear!"

Hetty Gray
Sugar Creek Publishing
Fairland, IN

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